How to rent out your space

  1. Register and list your space

    Prepare the storage space and show what you have to offer. Renters like to have a clear picture of the storage space.

  2. Be reachable

    Renters often have questions. When you give them quick and clear answers you improve your chance of success. You receive requests per email so check your e-mail inbox regularly.

  3. Confirm the booking

    When you and the renter have reached an agreement, the renter sends you a reservation request that you have to confirm. We securely process the payments, this way there is no hassle about payments between you and the renter.

  4. Receive the renter

    Agree on a time to receive the renter with their belongings. Together you check what the renter stores. Help out where possible, renters appreciate this.

Why rent out on Djeepo?

  1. Djeepo is social

    Meet your neighbors. You rent out unused space, they can store their stuff. Together you help to solve the growing urban problem of space shortage.

  2. Djeepo is reliable

    Safety is our first concern. Thanks to our verifications and rating system you only store goods from trustworthy people. You decide which bookings you accept.

  3. Earn passive income

    Djeepo lets you earn money with unused spaces, large or small. Make easy money every month.

  4. Djeepo is carefree

    Renting out your space as living space or for short stay can be troublesome. Storing stuff is a lot easier.

  5. Free advertising

    Placing your advertisement is free. Only when you rent out the space you pay a fair fee.