How does renting work?

  1. Register and find the right storage space

    On Djeepo you find storage space in all shapes and sizes. Choose the space that fits you best.

  2. Contact the host

    Inform the host that you are interested in his or her space. You and the host can ask questions and discuss possible particulars.

  3. Confirm your booking

    When you and the host have reached an agreement, you make a reservation. Once the host accepts your reservation, we securely process your payment. This way there is no hassle over payments between you and the host.

  4. Store your belongings

    Agree on a time to store your belongings. Together you and the host check what is being stored. Congratulations, your stuff is stored!

Why Djeepo?

  1. Djeepo is social

    Meet your neighbors. They rent out their unused space, you can store your belongings. Together you help to solve the growing urban problem of space shortage.

  2. Djeepo is reliable

    Safety is our first concern. Thanks to our verifications and rating system you can be sure your belongings are safe.

  3. Djeepo is affordable

    With Djeepo you never pay too much. On average, you save 50% compared to traditional self-storage.

  4. Djeepo is nearby

    No more trips to remote industrial areas. With Djeepo you store your belongings nearby.