Safety and Verification

We take safety very seriously. Trust between hosts and renters is key. We safeguard this trust through our verifications and rating system.

Djeepo uses the following verifications and safety systems:

  • Rating system
    Renter and letter rate each other. This way you get a clear picture of the renter and the storage location from first-hand experiences.
  • Djeepo chat
    Use the Djeepo Chat to get more information about a room, or about the renters’ plans. You decide who to go with.
  • ID-verification
    Renters and hosts securely verify their identity with an official ID document.
  • E-mail verification
    Hosts and renters confirm their e-mail address. When a booking is confirmed, we share your e-mail address with the renter or hosts.
  • Telephone number verification
    Renters and hosts confirm their telephone number. When a booking is confirmed, we share your telephone number with the renter or letter.
  • Verified by Djeepo
    Some of the storage spaces are visited and checked by Djeepo. You recognize these spaces by the “Verified” badge.
  • Secure payments
    All payments are processed by Djeepo’s state of the art payment system. Hosts are guaranteed to get paid. Renters only pay for the actual service.
  • Djeepo helpdesk
    If something doesn’t go as expected or if something is unclear, contact Djeepo. We are here to help you.