Amsterdam West - Accessible 3m² storage to rent! Perfect for bikes

Rijswijkstraat, 1062 ER Amsterdam

3m2 | Indoor | Available now

About this listing

I have a big storage space where I only use about 50%. The other side (2.20 m2) is free to use. If needed, you can also use some additional space on the other side (more than 3m2 in total). The storage is in the Westlandgracht area nearby the World Fashion Center.

Safety: The storage is behind closed (locked) doors and there is also a locked door to the building.

Accessibility: You can put a car just in front of the doors for a few minutes to unload. If you want to park, there is a parking area for €0.10/hour (max parking time is 1h). I have a trolley to move boxes or heavy items- you are free to use it for moving your things. There is one flight of stairs between the entrance of the building and the storage area.

Access: You would have your own key and unlimited access. (The space is not suited for use as working space.)

The storage box is located in front of stairs designed for bikes, so you can easily store your bike there.

Because the storage is so close to the stairs, sometimes during heavy rain some water seeps inside the storage, so I'd advise storing your things on a shelves rack (like I do).

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions!

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