Luggage Storage near the Museum Quarter

Hobbemakade, 1071XK Amsterdam

Luggage Storage | Available now

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Inside a specialised weightlifting gym and personal training studio you can drop off your bags and suitcases in a secure storage space. We are located close to the Rijksmuseum, in the same building as the "Zuiderbad" (entry is around the corner, at no. 7).

We have 1.3m³ available, enough space for 10 big suitcases. Behind a locked door, your luggage will be safe. Because of this reason, the drop-off and pick-up times are limited. Here are the times you can always drop-by:

  • Monday: 08-12h, 18-2230h
  • Tuesday: 07-09h, 13-2230h
  • Wednesday: 08-13h, 18-2230h
  • Thursday: 07-09h, 13-2230h
  • Friday: 08-12h, 18-2230h
  • Saturday: 10-12h
  • Sunday: 10-12h

If you want to request another time, feel free to send a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

Since we are specialised in strength training, our employees will be able to help you lift your heavy bags easily!

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